Recommended Equipment

Concert Band and Wind Ensemble

Many do not realize it, but having a solid “set-up” for your instrument is a key component of successful instrument playing. “Set-up” refers to the equipment you are playing on, which is a combination of instrument, mouthpiece, and for woodwinds that includes reeds and ligatures. Having a solid mouthpiece/ligature/reed set-up can greatly benefit your tone, playing ability and facility on your instrument. Unfortunately, the set-up that comes with your instrument when you rent or purchase is not conducive to good playing, and can limit you as a player.

It is strongly recommended that all students in Concert Band and Wind Ensemble refer to the link below to purchase equipment. For mouthpieces and ligatures it is recommended to use Woodwind and Brasswind; their website is They may also be available on Amazon. Feel free to search for yourself if you wish. There are hundreds of options out there—what is recommended is a solid set-up, but private teachers may recommend something else.