Instructor:  Mr. Beratis

Prerequisite: 8th grade band or equivalent ensemble instruction

Equipment: Recommended Mouthpieces

The Concert Band is an award winning program that includes students in grades 9-12 who play woodwind, brass or percussion instruments. No audition  is required to be a member of this group. Developing and refining higher level performance skills is a major focus of this  performing group. The Concert Band performs at concerts, festival competitions, and other community events. Students are  required to attend 1-2 evening combined rehearsals just before each concert.  The Concert Band also participates in the Memorial Day parade and graduation ceremony.  

Members of Concert Band are encouraged to participate in Pep Band, which plays in the stands at home  football games and rehearses a few evenings during football season. For more information, visit the Pep Band page.

Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band require an audition, and because these groups are courses and not clubs like in middle school, students gain eligibility with a one year pre-requisite in Concert Band. However, students looking to enrich their experience more challenging music are also encouraged to audition for  the Symphonic Orchestra, which gets pulled from band class and rehearses a few evenings per concert cycle.   This group is open to freshmen, as is Pep Band.

Students can list Symphonic Winds and Pep Band as an official extra-curricular club and activity on their college resumé.  

The Band has an amazing sense of community and provides a place where its students can feel at home.  

If you have any questions about the course, please e-mail Mr. Mac

Some links to the type of repertoire we perform are below.  Enjoy!

Concert Band Repertoire


Ridgefield High School Concert Band performs Overture for Winds by Charles Carter. Directed by Michael McNamara. May 23, 2018
Ridgefield High School Concert Band, directed by Michael McNamara. May 23, 2018
The Ridgefield High School Concert Band performs Robert W. Smith's Into the Storm in concert 13th December 2017.






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