Student Leadership

The Leadership Council includes a variety of student leadership from both band and orchestra.  All of the section leaders are de facto members of the council by default.  The Council is presented with a slate of officers selected by the director each year who serve executive functions.  It meets approximately once a month to discuss a variety of items pertaining to band and orchestra.  Some of these agenda items include:

  • Scheduling
  • Organizing events (rehearsals, concerts, festivals etc.)
  • Fundraising (FunkRaiser and others)
  • Problem solving some common student issues with the program

Any student who is interested in participating in the Leadership Council is invited.  We particularly encourage underclassmen to consider joining so that your voice is heard.  E-mail Mr. Mac about joining if you're interested.  

2017-18 Council Officers

Co-Presidents:  Anthony Krista-Kelsey (Orchestra) and Jessica Fine (Band)

Co-Vice Presidents:  Leeza Pnev (Orchestra) and James Kane (Band)

Orchestra Chief of Staff:  Ellie Carter

Band Chief of Staff: Stephanie Yee

Band Secretary:  Valerie Zhang

Assistant Band Secretary: VACANT

Orchestra Secretary:  Abby Morris

Assistant Orchestra Secretary:  Emma Ratnavel  

Treasurer:  Julia Lin

Assistant Treasurer:  VACANT

Press Secretary:  VACANT

Drum Majors:  Matt Brooks I, Shane Jaeger, Ryan Pratt          Percussion Drum Major:  Sarah DiMiceli    Jazz Drum Major:  Ryan Francis


Leadership Committees and Chairpersons:

FunkRaiser Committee:

Freshmen Relations:  

Peer Mentoring:  Scarlett An

Community Outreach:

Social Committee:  Shane Jaegar, Amy Grove


Small Ensemble Coordinators:

Rockestra:  Ian Koh

Chamber Orchestra:  Elisa Kovacs

Robust 7: (Funk Band):  Emma DiMiceli

To get involved, contact Mr. Mac or Mr. Volo. Your input is as valuable to us as we are to you!