Pep Band


The Pep Band is an optional extra curricular extension of the band courses at RHS.  The Pep Band supports the varsity football team at home games (usually only 4 or 5).  The games generally occur on Friday nights.  The band plays between downs as well as at halftime.  There are two evenings of rehearsals prior to the first day of school for all students that take place in the evenings.  No audition is required.  

All members of Concert Band and Percussion are encouraged to join Pep Band (members of Jazz Band are required to join).  Though it is optional, it is a very popular band activity and 2/3 of Concert Band and Percussion classes participate. Because of the immediacy of football season upon our return to school, the entire band learns the Pep Band music during class time anyway.  You might as well reap the benefits of being able to list it as a club and activity as well as being exempt from first quarter assignments in band class.  It is also considered a varsity sport, and participating students earn a letter.  

Pep Band is incredibly fun!  The music is not all that difficult, and the members of the band really get to form a bond.  It is a big part of the community in the RHS music department.  

To join Pep Band, simply e-mail Mr. Beratis with your intentions to participate.