Mr. Kevin Haines, Choral Director



Kevin Haines has been a musician for as long as he can remember.  Having gone through the Ridgefield Public School system (K-12), Mr. Haines was taught by some of the most talented and caring music teachers he has ever known.  Consequently, he was encouraged to branch out from playing drums and learned to play the guitar, bass, and piano, as well as sing and write his own music.  This all came together for Mr. Haines when he declared a major of Songwriting at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. He fell in love with the diversity and quality of the college A Cappella scene there and joined several groups, one of which he would go on to direct.

After graduating Berklee in 2013, Mr. Haines performed throughout the greater Boston area, making live radio appearances, hosting open mic nights, MC’ing shows, writing for small commercial placements, and turning residential spaces into concert venues.  However, after three years of this freelance lifestyle, the desire to go back to school began creeping into Mr. Haines’ head, and before he knew it he was getting certified to be a music teacher while working as a RISE para at Scotts Ridge Middle School.  He is now thrilled to be regenerating the vocal music program at Ridgefield High School and is pleased to be working alongside RPS’ music department to keep this town’s creativity well nourished.